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The best pick for those who are looking to migrate to Canada. And why not? The immigrant-friendly policies of Canada and the government help migrants to come and settle here. Apart from this, settling down in Canada offers you a comfortable lifestyle and the right living conditions. There are plenty of job opportunities and the assurance of private freedom.

One of the options to travel to Canada is Permanent Resident (PR) visa. With a PR visa, you can acquire permanent resident status. The legality of a PR visa is five years which can be renewed afterwards.

As a PR visa holder, you can take pleasure of following benefits:

  • Can apply for Canadian citizenship.

  • Can live, work and study in Canada.

  • Eligible for healthcare and other social benefits.

  • Protection under Canadian law.

How to obtain a Permanent Resident (PR) visa?

To get a PR visa, you need to go through an application process. The applications go through the complicated analysis. The candidates are assessed on various factors such as language, age, work experience and education.

Canada offers numerous immigration programs via which you can apply. Among these the well-liked are:

  • Express Entry Program.

  • Business Immigration Program.

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

  • Protection under Canadian law.

  • Experience class Immigration.

Pre-check and documents for Canadian Permanent Resident

In order to begin the Canada PR process, you need to contact the nearest consulate, an embassy of Canada or high commission or. At the basic level, a permanent resident visa may require to:

  • Medical certificate and criminal record check.

  • Medical certificate and criminal record check.

  • Pay the application fee.

  • Attend interviews with immigration consultants.

Besides, according to the nature and category of application, the following document may be required:

  • Originals, copies of official documents that support the application such as educational degrees, certificates, diplomas, personal identification documents, sponsor letters and relevant information.

  • Sufficient funds to support the applicant during the early time in Canada.

  • Skills assessment test.

  • Proof of refugee status.

  • Language test(s) results.

  • Additional fees.

  • Other documentation or tests as well.

One the process is completed; you will receive grand opportunities and benefits in Canada. Having a PR card enable you to live, work and study in Canada permanently. The PR Card is issued for 5 years which can be renewed later.

Our Canadian immigration services include plenty of option where you can go between Full Representation, Do-It-Yourself packages and Final Review and. If you have any query feel free to contact us.

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